NEPSEBULL was founded on the idea that Financial Independence should not be restricted to those having academic and professional expertise in finance. The history of Capital Markets predates back to 1937 A.D. in some sort of primitive way. Almost a century later in 2016 A.D., majority of Nepalese citizens do not have basic understanding of Capital Markets. A fear of risk and social misunderstanding of comparison of Capital Markets with gambling seem to be the main reasons for such distancing.

We, at NEPSEBULL believe that every individual should have basic financial literacy and a part of ownership of the Capital Market representing Nepal’s economy as a whole.

NEPSEBULL is founded and operated by a team of Chartered Accountants who have expertise and experience in Domestic as well as International Capital Markets. This gives NEPSEBULL a profound knowledge and insight on common domestic securities as equity, bonds and mutual funds as well as that of the future of Nepalese Capital Markets in soon to be introduced derivatives, futures, forwards, commodities, swaps, interest rates derivatives, etc.

Thus everything we place at your screen tables are already analysed, scrutinized and verified to help you reach your “FINANCIAL INCDEPENDENCE